Our team of experts is uniquely qualified to manage the exploration and development process, particularly in the Appalachian Basin.  We know the lay of the land and perform all technical and engineering design work in-house.  We specialize in navigating the horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing processes strategically, and with excellence, to maximize recovery while protecting our natural resources and minimizing disturbance at the surface. 


Natural gas is a clean and versatile energy source that is utilized to heat homes, power vehicles, and manufacture goods.  In fact, 96 percent of the items you come in contact with every day contain a natural gas product.  Greylock's dedicated team operates and maintains a network of 4,400 conventional and unconventional wells scattered throughout Appalachia to help ensure a steady supply of this vital resource for the people and communities who rely on it.

Greylock specializes in delivering natural gas to industrial end users and consumers.  We have the expertise and manpower to build and operate pipeline systems for oil and gas producers, provide customized design-build projects for downstream users of natural gas, and collaborate with large natural gas consumers to deliver turnkey midstream or transportation solutions – on time and on budget. 


Greylock Energy is headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia.  We have offices in central West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania and central Pennsylvania and operate wells and pipelines throughout Appalachia.


Headquartered in Charleston, Greylock has producing wells and pipelines throughout southern West Virginia and the north central part of the state.


With offices in Greene County and Indiana, Pennsylvania, Greylock is actively developing acreage in the southwest part of the commonwealth and also providing gas to a power plant in Clearfield County.


Greylock also has producing wells throughout other areas of Appalachia, including Kentucky, Virginia, and New York. 

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