Who is Greylock Energy:

In fall 2017, ArcLight Capital Partners entered into an agreement with Energy Corporation of America to purchase the vast majority of the upstream and midstream company’s assets. This sale included significant acreage, wells, pipelines, buildings, and facilities throughout Appalachia as well as its corporate headquarters in Charleston, West Virginia. Greylock Energy was born out of this sale.

Who leads Greylock:

Led by CEO Kyle Mork, Greylock’s leadership is an experienced team with a combined 122 years in the energy industry and possessing a wealth of knowledge and unmatched expertise relating to operations, particularly in Appalachia.

Where does Greylock operate:

Greylock Energy is headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia with offices scattered throughout West Virginia and Pennsylvania and operations across the nation. The vast majority of the company’s assets are located in the Appalachian Basin, which comprises more than 900,000 acres, about 4,400 wells, and 2,600 miles of pipeline.